How to disconnect temporary UNC network share?

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Question :

Let’s say I’m on a WinXP box and I connect to a Win2K or Win2003 server by selecting Start / Run and typing \\servername\share.  I then authenticate by entering my username and password.  Windows Explorer then appears listing the directory contents, I do what I need to do, and then close down the window.  However, if I select Start / Run and type in again \\servername\share, I’m not prompted to authenticate anymore.  It’s as if the share is still connected.

So, without logging off or restarting, is there a way to disconnect the network share from Windows XP?

Answer :

Yes, from a command prompt, type:

net use \\servername\share /delete

One thought on “How to disconnect temporary UNC network share?

  1. Neal K says

    Thanks man, spent hours looking for a way to do this, and it was driving me nuts. I was so desperate I almost signed up for Expert Exchange, just to see that one answer…. Much thanks

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