vmware 64bit cpu compatible

Original Post : Mr.Black ( coverboy@1234.co.kr )


Recently, I wanted to install 64 bit Linux, 64 bit Windows 2003 Server, and Mac OS X 10.6.2 Snow Leopard on VMware.

However, installing those OS didn’t work.

Finally, I found out how to set up those 64 bit OS, and Mac OS.

Below are how to set up.

How to Set up
1. First of all, you need Intel Virtualization Technology for x86 (Intel) CPU, and mother board.

Minimum CPU is Core 2 Quad Q8400 or higher. You can also use lower level CPU.

But, I highly recommend Q8400 or higher. (Actually, I had Q8300, so I changed my CPU.)
So, you can run guest OS on vmware without hassle.
If you want to replace your CPU, please read my another article. (Caution while replacing your CPU.)

You can check out which CPU support Intel Virtualization Technology from here.
Anyway, if you have one of those CPU, you have to “Turn On” that function on Mother Board BIOS.
(Function names are differ in Board Manufacturer like Asus, Gigabyte, etc..)

Normally, it is named Intel Virtualization Tech (On, Off).

and, that’s it. Isn’t it simple?

You can find more reference on vmware site, and other links from below.

VMware Shared Utilities. <== Howerver, you might don’t need this utility, cause you already know which cpu will support Intel Virtualization Technology.