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1. Objective-C for Absolute Beginners: iPhone and Mac Programming Made Easy

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Using Concurrency to Improve the Responsiveness of iPhone and iPad Applications
Chapter 2: Your Own Content Pipeline: Importing 3D Art Assets into Your iPhone Game
Chapter 3: How FlightTrack Uses External Data Providers to Power This Best-Selling Travel App
Chapter 4: Write Better Code and Save Time with Unit Testing
Chapter 5: Fun with Computer Vision: Face Recognition with OpenCV on the iPhone
Chapter 6: How to Use OpenGL Fonts without Losing Your Mind
Chapter 7: Game Development with Unity
Chapter 8: Cocos2d for iPhone and iPad; It Is Easier than You Think
Chapter 9: Creating an Audio-Centric App for the iPhone with AVAudioPlayer
Chapter 10: Implementing Push Notifications at eBuddy

3. iPhone and iPad Apps for Absolute Beginners

Along with Series Editor Dave Mark, your guides for this exploration of the next level of iPhone development, include:

  • Ben “Panda” Smith, discussing particle systems using OpenGL ES
  • Joachim Bondo , demonstrating his implementation of correspondence gaming in the most recent version of his chess application, Deep Green.
  • Tom Harrington implementing streaming audio with Core Audio, one of many iPhone OS 3 APIs.
  • Owen Goss debugging those pesky errors in your iPhone code with an eye toward achieving professional-strength results.
  • Dylan Bruzenak building a data-driven application with SQLite.
  • Ray Kiddy illustrating the full application development life cycle with Core Data.
  • Steve Finkelstein marrying an offline eMail client to Core Data.
  • Peter Honeder and Florian Pflug tackling the challenges of networked applications in WiFi environments.
  • Jonathan Saggau improving interface responsiveness with some of his personal tips and tricks, including “blocks” and other esoteric techniques.
  • Joe Pezzillo pushing the frontiers of APNS, the new in iPhone OS 3 Apple Push Notification Service that makes the Cloud the limit for iPhone apps.
  • Noel Llopis taking mere programmers into a really advanced developmental adventure into the world of Environment Mapping with OpenGL ES.

iPhone Programming Books and Lectures those I highly recommend

Original Post : Mr.Black ( coverboy@1234.co.kr )


1. Learn C On the Mac by Dave Mark

사용자 삽입 이미지My Comment :
If you’ve never experienced “C Language”.
You must read this book.  Because Objective-C is extended conception of “C Language”.
Also, you have to read several very basic “C Programming Books”.

2. Learn Objective-C on the Mac

사용자 삽입 이미지My Comment :
OK, after finish reading Learn C On the Mac , now it’s time to extend your knowledge.

3. Beginning iPhone 3 Development : Exploring the iPhone SDK

사용자 삽입 이미지My Comment :
There are bunch of practical examples you may use.

4. The Definitive Guide to SQLite

사용자 삽입 이미지My Comment :
If you want to save some image, text to your iPhone. Study with this book.
If not, you don’t need to read it. It’s up to you and it’s optional.
Not only Apple’s Core Data is pretty difficult, but also you can re-use your knowledge when you have a chance developing Android Phone’s Application.


1. Lynda.com iPhone SDK Essential Training Course

My Comment :
If you are from C# Programming, it’s the best approach to study iPhone Programming.

2. VTC.com Developing iPhone Web Apps Tutorials

My Comment :
If you are developing web apps, or web view. This course is a good start.
However, teacher’s voice makes me dizzy. :-)