wpf richtextbox text

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RichTextBox test = new RichTextBox(); cannot have test.Text(?)

Do you know how come it can be possible ?


There was a confusion between RichTextBox in System.Windows.Forms and in System.Windows.Control

I am using the one in the Control as I am using WPF. In there, there is no Text property, and in order to get a text, I should have used this line:

string myText = new TextRange(transcriberArea.Document.ContentStart, transcriberArea.Document.ContentEnd).Text;


wpf label multiline

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I need to display the contents in multiline in wpf labels. Can anyone help me in this regard?

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Use TextBlock as the content (or use TextBlock instead of Label).

Then set the TextBlock TextWrapping property to “Wrap”.

You can even use auto-hyphenation by setting IsHyphenationEnabled to true.